Your Data, Your Reward!

Participate in surveys, complete missions, read the ads and news, play games, join events, share your opinion, and earn TFB Token.

About TrueFeedBack

What is TrueFeedBack?

TrueFeedBack is a blockchain-based data collection and analysis platform. In TrueFeedBack application, users stay anonymous, and they earn TFB tokens for the information they shared in surveys, missions, etc. TrueFeedBack turns all your data into rewards!
TFBX Ethereum Network Contract Address: 0x4057db5bd9f67a566aa10e5587b1a964affc6a16
TFBX Celo Network Contract Address: 0x035eE610693a29Cb77fD6eFBEb9d9d278703e145

Our app can be downloaded both from the iOS and Android markets. Upon downloading and registration, you can participate in surveys, complete missions, read the news, play games, etc. You will earn TFB token for every activity you do in TrueFeedBack mobile app. You will feel that your ideas are important with TrueFeedBack.

We live in a world in which data is crucial in every part. We offer a platform that you can analyze your data to make decisions more accurately and more effectively. We add value to your data with astonishing visuals and reports

TrueFeedBack Features

What does TrueFeedBack platform present?

Safe and Secure

Blockchain Technology!

The data you shared is kept on the blockchain. This way, the data collector will ensure that the information belongs to real people, and the reward distribution will be guaranteed.

Instant Exchange

Stay Anonymous!

TrueFeedBack application does not collect your personal information. It only analyzes your data you have participated. That way, you will feel safe while sharing your opinions.

World Coverage

Earn Rewards!

You can earn rewards by participating in surveys, completing missions, watching ads, playing games. Join our activities and earn TFB tokens!

Mobile Apps

Trust Data!

Clients trust the data collected from real users. They can analyze data on TrueFeedBack's data analysis platform and use this information on making effective decisions.

Strong Network

Reach out to masses!

Data collection and analyzing that data is quite cheap in TrueFeedBack. You can reach out to thousands of people and get their opinion about a product, service, or anything.

Margin Trading

Analyze Data!

TrueFeedBack analyzes your collected data and shares results with you. You can further analyze your data to find more information, create visuals, and reports.

TFB Token Exchange Prices

TFB Token’s price on different exchanges.

Token Allocation

The circulating supply 47%
Team 10%
Development 7%
Marketing 11%
Staking 6%
Strategic partnerships 2%
Ecosystem 16%
Advisors 1%

Road Map

TrueFeedBack roadmap was updated at 17 March 2021.



Total TFB Rewards


Frequently Asked Questions

TrueFeedBack is blockchain based data collection and analysis company. It transforms the data collected from the survey, bounty, activity, advertisement, news and game activities into reports requested by companies. It works with a token economy that shares its earnings with its users who provide the data.
The most important feature that distinguishes the TrueFeedBack application from others is that users can always remain private. TrueFeedBack does not collect any personal information about its users and rewards its users for their participation in the activities with the TFB token. In this way, users can access the privilege of winning awards while remaining secret. Users can easily share their opinions about a subject due to the lack of personal data.
TFB token is an ERC20 based cryptocurrency you will earn in any activities you perform through the mobile application. You can trade these tokens on the stock exchanges or you can buy various products through TFB Shop. You can also distribute the TFB tokens in your own surveys.
You will earn an award as a TFB token when participating in surveys, tasks and events on the TrueFeedBack application. You can also earn TFB tokens by clicking on ads, reading news and playing games. In addition, you can stake TFB tokens in proportion to the number of your references when you hold the TFB tokens in the app. TFB tokens sold through the advertising system is distributed to users holding TFB tokens according to count of references.
Data is very important in their research for companies, academic studies and institutions. TrueFeedBack guarantees that the collected data is provided by real persons for the researcher and analyzes and presents the results. In this whole process, the researchers can not obtain personal data because the users are anonymous. Optional analyzes can be used with the advanced data analysis platform.

TrueFeedBack Team

Dr. Ali Osman Çıbıkdiken

CEO / Co-Founder

Dr. Daba Chowdhury

COO / Co-Founder

Ali Çiftci

CBO / Co-Founder

Dr. Ahmet Ercan Topcu

CTO / Co-Founder

Harun Sarıkurt

CMO / Chief Marketing Officer

Özgür Murat Karadağ

Community Manager

Kerem Noras

System Architect

Ömer Faruk Bağcı

Software Developer

Sertaç Tanrıverdi

Marketing Advisor

Dr. Eser Uyanık

Business Advisor

Loqman Olagoke

Senior Data Scientist